Product listings don't have all the info needed by a channel.

Last Updated: Feb 05, 2018 04:50PM CET

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For the vast majority of channels on Shopping Feed, a set of product information will be required to list successfully. This varies from channel to channel, and Shopping Feed does much of the hard work by automatically mapping your product information to those required by the channel.

For instance, the Amazon channel requires the following when listing a product, which is set as the default Field Mapping. We send the following:


What Amazon requires

What we send by default









If you run into problems because of missing product data, There are a number of ways to fill in this information.

Field Mapping to fill data

Shopping Feed imports your product data from your storefront, rearranges all of that data into something that, for instance the Amazon channel, can understand.


The field mapping page is where you control what data gets sent where. The required settings, or mappings, are already preset in your Field 



From here, you can re-map any field that is being sent to Amazon with any of the fields found in your storefront.
  • To set a Static Field in field mapping
    • Select Static Field found at the top of the pull-down. Setting a static field sends a certain value for all your products, like setting a bullet point in Amazon to Made in America for all your products, or setting the condition to Used for all your products. These are ways that Static Fields are most often used.
  • To create a custom field that all your channels can use, check out Creating Custom Fields
  • To better understand fields, check out What is a field?


Note: While Shopping Feed sets by default all of the required fields automatically, a number of special options are controlled by available fields in the Field Mapping Tab. If you have a request for a special available field, let us know.

Using a Rule to fill data

If you need specific information in a field based on the product, a rule can accomplish this easily. A rule can be set to automatically fill certain product fields, based on any number of conditions. Learn about rules here.


Using AutoTag to fill data

Some of these required fields are category specific. You can find all the Category-Specific required fields in the AutoTag pane found in each marketplace. Learn more about Tags here.

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