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Last Updated: May 31, 2017 12:07AM CEST

What is SEO Marketplace?

SEO Marketplace is a tool that can be found in most marketplace channels. With SEO Marketplace, you can add extra product information to your product listings, which help you:
  1. Increase your ranking on the marketplace
  2. Be more visible when the user filters products
  3. Generate more sales

Why is it important?

For each marketplace channel, you can submit many different fields with each product each listing. These fields fall into two categories: Mandatory Data and Optional Data. 

Mandatory Data fields comes pre-configured within your channel: This is the bare minimum amount of information the marketplace channel needs to successfully list your products. 

Optional Data fields, while not required to list, are important for the success of your product listings. This available supplemental information is often determined by the category in which you are listing your product. These values are sometimes called Tags

SEO Marketplace allows helps you assign values to these tags that are available for the product category assigned in the selection tab. Here are a few examples of mandatory and supplemental data when listing a product in the Clothing and Accessories category in Amazon
Mandatory Data Optional Data
Product Name Bulletpoints 1-5
Description Department
Price Material

In short: SEO Marketplace determines what optional data you can add to your products, and helps you assign values to them.


SEO Marketplace Tool

In your marketplace channel, find the SEO Marketplace tab. Once inside, each category in your store tells the status of tags specifically for that category:


Mandatory tags missing You are missing required tags. Please assign these tags for this category
No mandatory tags The category you have selected has no mandatory tags. You can still assign the optional tags
Missing category This category has not been assigned in your selection tab. Once you assign a category, this will show if any tags are required.

SEO Marketplace By Category

Product browser This view contains shows all SKU's that are in the selected category. by clicking on the SKU, you can change the Autotag Settings for a specific product, and even specific variations within a product group
Product Selection This determines if you have selected the product in the selection tab. A check mark means your product is selected to list.
Category in your store See the product category assigned to your products from your storefront. Tags are grouped by the category or product type of the product.
Ebay Category assigned Available tags are determined by the category you have assigned in the Selection Tab. See which categories tags you are viewing.

Setting the tag value

There are three different ways to set the fields in SEO Marketplace: Static Value, Dynamic Values, and Suggested Values


Static Values Setting a static value assigns the same value for all products in the category. To set a static value, surround the phrase in [square brackets]
Dynamic Values Setting a dynamic value assigns values depending on the product. Each product has its own set of dynamic values. A dynamic value is essentially replaced by the information in the field for that particular product. To set a dynamic value, search by keyword and select the field. It will be set within a {curly bracket}
Suggested Values Browse through suggested values where possible. With the exception of Ebay, if you see suggested values, these are the only available options for that specific tag. Suggested values are technically static values by nature.

Default SEO Marketplace

In some channels, you might find Default SEO Marketplace​. This allows you to set default product tags for an entire channel category. If your products are predominantly in a single category, this feature can help you save time.

Tip: SEO Marketplace deals specifically with supplemental data. To edit a channels mandatory data fields and their pre-configuration, check on the Field Mapping tab for each channel. Please use caution when changing these settings. 
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