How does the order import work?

Last Updated: Sep 24, 2018 08:52PM CEST

When you have a marketplace channel connected to Shopping Feed, orders from that channel are automatically collected and imported back into your storefront for easy fulfillment. You can choose to turn this feature off during the channel setup. 

When an order has been placed on a marketplace channel, Shopping Feed recognizes that the new order needs to be imported. These imported orders can be found in your order pane on Shopping Feed, with all the information needed for fulfillment, including:

Billing Address Editable from Shopping Feed 
Shipping Address Editable from Shopping Feed 
SKU’s of purchased products Editable from Shopping Feed 
Order number Not editable 

From the Shopping Feed order pane, the order is then imported into your storefront. It can be found alongside all your store orders in your store's order management page. 

Orders are tagged with the name of the marketplace where the sale occurred during the order import. Search your order pane for the name of the channel to see just orders that originate from that channel. 
Once you fulfill the order from your storefront, that fulfillment information is passed back through to the channel where the purchase occurred and informs the customer that the order has been fulfilled. That message is triggered and comes to the customer in the form of a notification from the marketplace itself.
Through Shopping Feed's connection to order API's, most marketplaces accept order cancellations and order refunds that are processed through your storefront as well.
Only full refunds are supported. You'll need to process a partial refund on the marketplace side directly.

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