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Last Updated: Nov 14, 2018 11:54PM CET

Your Source Feed page is a control center for all the data that Shopping Feed is importing. The connection through your storefront, to your product data is called the Source Feed. This information is synced to the Shopping Feed on a regular basis. A Source Feed that is not successfully updating is out of sync with your store.

Source Feed URL

The source feed URL is your product data from your storefront in real-time. This data feed is in XML format, with the taxonomy broken down into SKU's with product data underneath the SKU. Click on the link to open your source feed in your browser. If your source feed has not successfully updated in a timely fashion, you can Force Update it with the button here.



Seeing and searching your source feed for a SKU is a very effective way to troubleshoot product data that is not updating. Before getting help with out of sync product data, search your source feed to see exactly what we are receiving from your storefront.

Update History

Your Source Feed update history is tracked as well. To see any update problems, check this page for the most recent updates. You can see the exact number of products and variations that are in your updated source feed as well.

Field Mapping

You can use the field mapping search to compare the SKU data we receive from your storefront to the data Shopping Feed sends out to a specific channel. Enter a SKU, select the channel to view (this is optional) and click Mapping Search to view the before and after of your products as they move through Shopping Feed.

Update Frequency

Select the update frequency you desire for your source feed. 


Tip Title

Use the Never option if you need to pause your source feed updates temporarily. This can be helpful when you are making significant changes to your stores products. 

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