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Last Updated: Nov 15, 2016 09:20PM CET

Filter / View orders


To begin with, you can choose which marketplace orders from which timeframe to view. Simply select the channel and the from / to date to filter. 

View Order Click the +/- to expand the order and 
Filter Use the filter bar to type in search terms that help narrow down the orders you are looking to review. Use standard keywords, customer name, order number, order status, and many more.
Add Columns Select the order data you would like to see in your order pane by clicking here and ticking the information you would like.
Quick Actions Click on a quick action to manage the order specifically. You can select Eport PDF, Re-Import, and Stop Importing. See below for more details on actions
Order Status See the status of an order at a glance. See below for more details on status.


You can take actions on multiple orders at the same time by selecting the orders on the right hand side of the order pane and choosing an action. Below are definitions of the actions you can take.


Create Report This actions generates a report for each of the orders you have selected 
Set Flag Use flags to coordinate fulfillment tasks in your store. This action sets the flag of selected orders
Stop Importing This action stops the order from attempting to sync. This is useful if an order is ever importing duplicate orders.
Force Re-import This action forces Shopping Feed to sync an order it has imported back to your storefront. Use this action when you have made edits to an order that hasn't imported, and want to queue up the new changes.
Accept This marks the order as accepted, preventing the order from importing into your store.
Ship This marks the order as shipped, sending the fulfillment information back to your marketplace to alert the buyer.
Refund This marks the order as cancelled, and issues a refund from your marketplace. Use this option with caution, as refunded orders tend to hurt your seller rating.

Editing Order Details

When an order from a marketplace is imported to Shopping Feed, occasionally the shipping and/or billing address that is sent through is not acceptable in order to import the order successfully. Making edits to the order so that the import is successful is simple.

Editing Order SKU

On occasion, a listing made either manually or with a different tool will create a sale. In these cases, you will be alerted of a Non-Existent Product from the order details, with an email to alerting you. The order will not sync as long as the SKU in the order does not exist in your store. For this reason, in instances where the SKU imported does not match a SKU in your storefront, you are able to make edits to the SKU's in the imported order to match.

Edit SKU Click here to make manual edits to the SKU within the order.
Quick actions This menu offers every action available for this order. If you have made edits to the order addresses and/or SKU's, select the action Import to force the import.

Create a test order

Creating a test order is a clever way to test order importing in Shopping Feed. Simply click on Create a test order at the top of your order pane, and follow instructions to create a test order.

This order has basic information, and cannot be fulfilled by automatic fulfillment tools. It is a safe way to see if your API connections to a marketplace are healthy.

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