Selecting products to list

Last Updated: Nov 01, 2016 09:56PM CET

Selecting products

Selecting products to send to your channel will begin to fill the data feeds with the information needed to submit new products. From the channels Selection Tab, turning products on and off is a simple as flipping a switch. You can manipulate this in a few different ways:

  1.  Turning on all your products
  2. Turning on an entire categories products
  3. Turning on specific variations of a specific product. 


Bold Product SKU's are always parent products. When selecting specific variations to send to the channel, you must always include the parent product.

Setting Product Categories

Each product you send to the channel will require a category. This category is interpreted by the channel, so that it knows where to offer your product to buyers who narrow down by product category. To set the product category, begin typing keywords into the category bar. Select the category that best matches the category. 


Selecting categories might be required during channel setup. If categories have been selected and you would like to make changes, just delete the current category and begin typing keywords

Updating the channel

Once you have products selected, and your categories have been assigned, you can update your channel to immediately make updates to your channels data feed. To update your channel, click on the Update button in your channel tab bar. Once you have updates, Shopping feed servers will update your feed, filling it with products to list, and sending this information to your channel. 



Due to limitations from the channel, you cannot push a data feed update out. Most Shopping Engines and Product Listing Ad channels will fetch new data from the Shopping Feed servers, usually every 24 hours.

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