Error troubleshooting

Last Updated: Nov 09, 2016 09:18PM CET

Error Investigator

Channels that have API connections to Shopping Feed can provide feedback on products that were prevented from listing because of an error. From the Error Investigator tab, browse through products that have been either successfully listed, rejected by the channel, or blocked by Shopping Feed.
Successful These are products that have been sent to the channel, and did not have any errors returned. You can search your channels to find the listing
Rejected by channel These  are products that were sent by Shopping Feed, but would result in an error returned by the channel. Click on the error code to learn more about the error
Blocked by Shopping Feed These are products that were not sent by Shopping Feed because they were either missing data that we know to be required, or had invalid data according to what the channel accepts


If your channel has an Error Investigator tab, you can see and troubleshoot errors right from Shopping Feed. If your channel does not have this tab, errors that occur during the feed update will need to be manually downloaded from the channel account.

Resolving errors

Errors are broken down and grouped by the error itself. This makes it easy to see large gaps in your product data, and makes it easy to troubleshoot the error in a number of ways. Each error definition in the Error Investigator will explain the error, where it is occurring, and suggest some ways of resolving the error. 

Product Error Report You can download the raw product error report in .csv format. Use this to see all errors at once, and to provide the error list to your agency.
Search by SKU Seach by a specific SKU to highlight all errors that were returned for that product. Use this to narrow your results.
Artics Preview See the full story with Artics previewer. This drop down compares all the original data found in your source feed to the data that is sent out to the channel.

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