Tweaking your channel settings

Last Updated: Nov 01, 2016 10:35PM CET

Settings Tab

The Settings Tab holds all of the configurable options, specific to the channel. Check the setup guides for you channel for a complete description of each setting. Mandatory settings for each channel are configured during that channels setup. Please refer to the settings tab to make edit these settings.

Common settings that can be found in each channel:
Make a copy This feature allows you to copy your product selection from the current channel into another open channel. 
Automatically add new products By default, new products added to your Shopping Feed account are automatically selected to be sent in each channel. Turn off this feature here.
See your data feed Your raw .xml data feeds are available to see. There are often multiple feeds, as each channel requires multiple feeds that do specific jobs.
Delete the channel The only way to remove a channel from your account. Once a channel is closed, you have 24 hours before the channel settings are removed from the Shopping Feed server

Field Mapping

Each channel collects the product data found in your Source Feed, and distributes that product data out in a preset data feed. These presets of where data is distributed are called Field Mappings. From most channels, your Field Mapping page can host many modifications to these defaults settings. 


Changing your field mappings can result in your channel breaking. Only make changes to your field mapping if you know the specific requirements, or you have been instructed to do so by Support

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