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Last Updated: Dec 27, 2016 07:14PM CET


Amazon categories are broad product categories assigned to products. Each Amazon category Shopping Feed supports is available to you by searching by keyword. These category settings help determine a number of things, including
  • Where your products live on the Amazon Marketplace
  • The acceptable browsenodes you can assign for the category
  • The extra product information you can add through the AutoTag tool


Without approval for the selected category, products sent to Amazon will fail to list. Learn about category approval


Amazon browsenodes are a more granular product categories, which help determine a few things about your listings:
  • How the buyer finds your product when filtering in Amazon
  • Competitiveness of your listing amongst the other products assigned that browsenode


If you can't find a browsenode that works for your products, let support know if you find what you need in the Amazon Browse Tree Guide. We'll be happy to make it available to you.


Amazon decides on the available product tags based on the category you have assigned to the product. Each category has a defined set of available product tags, all which add more information to your product listings, and help buyers find your products easier.

To find out what values are acceptable for any given category, follow these simple instructions
  1. Search for the category you want to assign tags to HERE
  2. Click on the name of the category to download and open the Lite Inventory Template for that category
  3. Sheet 6 contains the available product tags, and the acceptable values to use in AutoTag.

Matching & ASINS

When Shopping Feed sends a product to Amazon using a barcode, Amazon cross references the info you are sending for that product with the data they have in their database under that barcode. Any time there is a discrepancy in either Brand, Variation Name, the Matching tab lets you to match your product info to what should be submitted. If you would rather edit the listing in your storefront to match what is needed, we provide a link to do so.


Please review each product matching before accepting, as failure to do so can result in incorrect products being listed under your Amazon account, leading to order cancellations and possibly damage to your seller ranking

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