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Last Updated: Nov 07, 2017 01:37AM CET

Setting Bullet Points and Keywords

When a buyer browses Amazon, they are much more likely to read the bullet points than the product description. For this reason, we highly recommend setting bullet points that dynamic and helpful to the buyer. Along with Keywords, Bulletpoints will be key metadata that will help your products be found and bought.

Setting Keywords is equally important. Today, more people use Amazon for product research than any other resource in the world. Without relevant and targeted keywords, your products will only have the title and the description to help get themselves under buying eyes. Bullet points have a 100 character limit, while Keywords have 1000 character limit. You can employ up to 5 Bulletpoints, 5 Keywords. Don't be fooled by the limits though: short, concise, and targeted are always best to help increase listing ranking.

Learn more about Amazon keyword best practices here.

Bulletpoints and Keywords are both available and mappable in the Amazon Field Mapping tab. You can set them to be mapped with either a set value [a static field] or a value that changes, depending on the product {a dynamic field}. To set either dynamically, follow these simple instructions.

This example shows how you would set Bulletpoint for only T-shirts in your store to the phrase 100% Cotton, Machine washable:
  1. In the Create New Fields tool, create a field and name it Bulletpoint1
  2. In the Field Mapping Tab, find the available field Bulletpoint1 and map it to your newly created field. 
  3. In the Rules tool, create a rule that says IF category is t-shirt, THEN replace Bulletpoint 1 with 100% Cotton, Machine washable
  4. Create more rules that do the same for each other category

Amazon FBA

Many Amazon sellers rely on Amazon FBA to fulfill their products, skipping the fulfillment process in your store. Typically Amazon orders are imported into your storefront for fulfillment. When an FBA order is placed, the order will not import, and will be tagged in your My Orders page as Amazon FBA. 

Reset Amazon Listings

From time to time, sync problems can occur in your Amazon channel. Shopping Feed sends product data in multiple feeds, filling required product data piece by piece. During setup its possible that updated information will not be accepted by Amazon when you change important information between updates, most commonly the product SKU. In these cases, use the Reset feature under Amazon Settings to remove every SKU from your Amazon Seller Central that Shopping Feed has attempted to list
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