A channel needs your attention

Last Updated: Apr 20, 2018 09:08PM CEST

You are receiving this email because Shopping Feed has detected abnormal activity on one of your channels.
This can be due to one of the following reasons:
  • Shopping Feed can no longer connect to or authenticate your channel connection.
  • The channels outgoing product feed reduces by more than 60% of products compared to the most recent successful update
NOTE: If you have recently switched off a number of products on this channel, or if you have created a new Auto-remove rule, this alert should be expected, and can be disregarded. Otherwise, review the following steps to resolve this error and reconnect.
Have you changed your channel account username, password, or token found in the channel's Settings Tab?
If so, either revert to the previous credentials or ask for assistance from our team. Please note: it is important not to make changes to this data in the future unless instructed to, or to change the connected accounts without alerting the support team.
Have you recently had to unblock your source feed after some major changes on it? 
If categories or product IDs have changed, you may be asked to categorize your products again or review your new SKU's added to this channel.
Still stuck?
This can occur because of either a temporary connection outage or a token change (for example, eBay automatically updates their token every two years). Just contact us and a member of our team will be in touch to help as soon as possible.

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