One of your orders has an update status error.

Last Updated: Sep 24, 2018 10:48PM CEST

When one of your orders has a synchronization error (wrong status) you will receive an email notification about this issue.
This is happening when Shopping Feed sends a new status to a marketplace and gets an error in return from the marketplace.

You'll find here the 3 most common reasons, it could happen, and how you can handle it.

1. Missing shipping data

For most of the marketplaces, shipping data are mandatory. You need to fill in the tracking number, carrier, and shipping tracking URL.
If this information is filled out on your storefront, we will receive it and Shopping Feed will send it to the marketplace. 
So, first of all, you need to make sure that these data are correctly filled out on orders in your storefront. If not, you know that you'll have to fill them for the next orders.
Concerning the orders on Shopping Feed with this error, you could re-send them to the marketplace, by filling shipping data directly from the order pane.

2. Invalid status

Sometimes the error comes from the status Shopping Feed is sending. In the marketplace order process, it's not possible to update a status to another one if the previous status is not the correct one.
For example, it's not possible for an order to be updated as "shipped" if the previous status is "processing" instead of "accepted".

In order to solve this issue, you should check the status on the marketplace Back Office.
If the status is not accepted (already shipped, canceled, unverified), please contact us, and give us order number, correct status and access to your marketplace BO.

3. Order Cancellation

API calls for order cancellation are not always available for marketplaces. So if you tried to cancel an order and you have received an error email, the best way to solve this is to cancel the order directly from the marketplace Back Office. 

Note: These update status errors on orders are often due to a manual change directly from the marketplace back office. 
Except for a cancellation, the best way to update order status is to do nothing.
The new status will be sent from your storefront, and we will send it to the marketplace pretty fast.
If you still have issues on update order status, please contact us.
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