Using eBay Business Policies (Shipping, Payment, and Return Profiles)

Last Updated: Feb 09, 2018 11:29PM CET

Using eBay Business Policies (Shipping, Payment, and Return Profiles)

By default, Shopping Feed relies on the values specified on the Settings tab of your eBay channel to set the shipping cost and payment method in your eBay listings.
NOTE: The return policy is set to 14-days in all eBay listings, by default.

Shopping Feed also allows you to use eBay business policies to specify the payment, shipping, and return details for buyers in your listings.
NOTE: eBay only makes business policies available to some sellers. Not everyone has access. If business policies are available to you, you will see an opt-in in the Sell section of My eBay.
You can get more details on how to create and manage eBay business policies here.

Can't Access the Business Policies Page?
1) Try opting in to Business Policies.
2) If that doesn't work, try following eBay's Opt-in instructions.
3) If that doesn't work, call eBay. They can enable access over the phone.

Once your eBay business policies are created, you simply need to map policy IDs with the corresponding fields under Field Mapping tab of your eBay channel.

IMPORTANT: It is obligatory to use all three policies (payment, shipping, and return) together. If one of them is missing the other two will not work.

How to Find Your eBay Business Policy ID Numbers in Your eBay Account?
eBay automatically assigns an ID number (profile ID) to each policy.
To find it, follow the steps:
1. Click on the title of one of your eBay business policies;

2. On the page that will open - look at the URL in your web browser window.
The numbers following the profileid=  at the end of the URL address are the business policy ID number.

How to Include Your eBay Business Policy ID Numbers in Your Shopping Feed Account?
1. Grab your policy ID numbers so that you can paste them into the corresponding fields, one by one;
2. Go to Field Mapping tab of your eBay channel;

3. Select “Static field” as a value to be sent over to eBay for “ReturnProfileID”, “ShippingProfileID” and  “PaymentProfileID” fields;
4. Paste your eBay policy ID numbers into the corresponding fields;

5. Hit button to save changes.

NOTE: If you have multiple policies for each policy type and want to assign them to different products, you can easily accomplish that with our Rules tool.

IMPORTANT: If you use calculated shipping in your shipping policy, you want to make sure that you also map PackageWeight and PostalCode fields with the corresponding fields from your storefront. PackageDepth, PackageLength and PackageWidth fields are required for Large Packages.

Do not hesitate to reach out to our Support Team if you have any questions or need assistance with your eBay policies.
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