Static vs Dynamic Fields

Last Updated: Apr 12, 2018 10:34PM CEST

In general, dynamic means capable of action and/or change, while static means fixed.Shopping Feed natively supports both {dynamic} and [static] fields/values.

{Dynamic} fields are surrounded by braces/curly brackets - {} and change their values for each specific product accordingly. On a daily basis, we are pulling dynamic fields coming from your store-front and be able to use them for any given channel. For example: we’ll use the “Title” field coming from your store-front for the Google Shopping “name” field.

[Static] fields are usually surrounded by square brackets - [] and have fixed values for all products.

Both dynamic and static fields are widely used in Field Mapping, SEO Marketplace and Rules tool.

For example:

In Field Mapping, you can select a static field to send a fixed value to the channel, or select one of the dynamic fields that contain product specific information coming in from your storefront.

In the Rules tool, you can replace any dynamic field with a fixed value:
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