Configuring the Feed within Google Merchant Center

Last Updated: Apr 11, 2018 08:42PM CEST

When you finish going through the channel setup steps in Shopping Feed, you'll be able to see that a feed has been dropped into your Google Merchant Center account automatically. This feed will consist of the products you've turned on in your Google Shopping dashboard in Shopping Feed.
Please note that out-of-stock and newly added products are not included in the feed by default. You can change this by accessing Settings tab.
The name of the feed will have the following format: {CustomerName}_export_googleShopping.txt

Important: Be sure to select the Default Currency under Feed Settings after you find the feed in place in your Google Merchant Center. This will allow Google to process the feed with the appropriate currency data.


If you are not able to see the feed after accessing Products=>Feeds in your Google Merchant Center - you'll then need to create the data feed within your Google Merchant Center manually.

You are be able to find your Feed URL for the Google Shopping channel in the Settings tab of your Google Shopping channel in Shopping Feed.

If you click this link, this will allow you to access the raw TXT file that we update on a daily basis with the data in your Shopify store. This link is what allows Google to fetch the data feed from Shopping Feed everyday and update any changes on their end.


To create the feed in your Merchant Center, follow the steps below:

1. Log in to your Merchant Center account;

2. Access the Products option on the left-hand side and then click the Feeds option;

3. Click to add a new feed;

4. Select your target country (USA) and language (English), then hit "Continue";

5. Enter the primary feed name (may be anything you want);

6. Select "Scheduled fetch" and hit "Continue";

7. Set a name for the file (anything you want - just no spaces in the name);

8. Define Fetch frequency that fits you best (We recommend leaving the frequency set to Daily);

9. Paste the link to the feed (found in the Settings tab of your Google Shopping channel) in the Feed URL field (no username/password needed) and hit "Continue".

10. Once the feed has been created within your Merchant Center, you will need to access its settings by click on the name of that new feed. Then from there, you will see a Settings tab and you should be able to click that option. Within that Settings tab, you see an option for "Default Currency". Choose that option and choose the currency from the drop-down list. This will then allow Google to process the feed with the appropriate currency data.


After you are done, it is up to Google to fetch the feed from that URL and process it on their end. It takes Google anywhere up to 24 hours to process the feed and approve your products.

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