Etsy Requirements and Restrictions

Last Updated: Oct 03, 2018 04:21PM CEST

  • It usually takes Etsy 12-24 hours to completely create the listing.
    It may also take up to 24 hours for listings to be indexed into search results and categories.


  • When we create variation listings on Etsy they are created with only one drop-down option.
    So by default, we will combine the Color (Variation#1) & Size (Variation#2) data, that you may have in Shopify, together.
    For example: If you have a t-shirt with 2 colors (Black & White) and 2 sizes (S & M), on Etsy the listing will have only one drop-down and give a buyer the options of:

  • Etsy can only accept up to 20 characters for each variation attribute (Size + Color);

  • Etsy can only take up to 70 variations for one given product;
    If you have more than 70 variants for a product in Shopify, Etsy will not list the product at all;


  • Etsy can only accept 999 quantity as a max. for any given product;

  • Product Titles have a 140 character limit;

  • Your images should be at least 1000 pixels wide, the height can vary. JPEG is the image format that Etsy likes;
  • IMPORTANT: Please do not use the button for Etsy channel more frequently than once per 2 hours. We recommend not using it at all and wait for the automatic update that happens every 5 hours on average. Updating your Etsy channel too frequently may lead to the discrepancies on the marketplace side.
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