Amazon Matching Error #8541

Last Updated: Jul 04, 2018 08:11PM CEST

Amazon Matching Error #8541

When you as a seller send your product to Amazon and the barcode you've assigned to your product has never been registered on Amazon by any other seller, well then well done! Amazon will help you create a new ASIN (aka listing) on the marketplace and use the data coming from your storefront to do so (such as title, brand, variation attributes, etc).

In case if you give Amazon a GTIN barcode (UPC/EAN) that has already been in their catalog, well then be aware that there's an ASIN created (aka listing) for that barcode on Amazon already and you will be forced to match to the existing listing (aka ASIN) as well as the product data used to get the listing created originally.

If you used Shopping Feed to send products from your storefront to Amazon and some of them matched to existing ASIN's and the some of the product data does not correspond with the one in Amazon catalog, then Amazon would return those products back to Shopping Feed via the API with an Error Code 8541.


Ways to fix the Matching Error:

1. Shopping Feed does give you the necessary tools to fulfill the Amazon request. There's no need to actually go and manually change the data in your storefront as we offer a "Matching Tab": within Shopping Feed that does everything for you.
Inside the "Matching Tab": you are going to see all the SKUs with the product data that does not match the product data that is already in the Amazon catalog. Next to each product, you're going to see the name of the field that should be adjusted (e.g. title, brand etc.), also the value you have within that field in your storefront for that product and the value that Amazon requires for it to match to an ASIN. Shopping Feed gives you the power either to send those products back to Amazon and Shopping Feed would adjust your listings the way Amazon needs or you can simply make the necessary changes within your storefront!

2. For those products that matched to the existing ASINs and require product details that do not fit you, the best way out would be to purchase the brand-new UPC/EAN barcodes and assign them to your products in your storefront.
You can purchase brand-new barcodes from different service like the ones below:

Once you have the list of fresh barcodes for those products, please make sure you enter them into your storefront for each individual product SKU (as well as each variation). From there, we can pull that information from your storefront and help you get products listed on Amazon with the newly created ASINs.

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